Class Notes, 23 June 2011


(Response 3 due next class: don’t forget to add the “academic title”)



Pick two aesthetic texts






Your theoretical text (critical lens)

Jahn: pick TWO critical terms

Term 1: focalization

Term 2: narrator

Free-write about TERM 1: for example “focalization” everything you can remember about it (five minutes)

Free-write about TERM 2: for example “free-indirect discourse” everything you can remember about it (five minutes)

Romeo and Juliet (aesthetic text)

Critical lens (heuristics)


Marxism: proletariat; working class revolts (takes over the means of production) against the Capitalists; class struggle; communism/socialism; capital; oppression

Feminism: repression; inequality/equality; gender (male/female); patriarchy; oppression

Psychoanalysis: repression; unconscious; delusions; dreams; confusion; id; super ego; ego; Oedipal complex; Elecktra; neurosis; fetish

Postcolonial: “Other”; indigenous; oppression; empire; mother country; alienation

Narratology: focalization; free-indirect discourse; narrative levels . . .

Structure for a scholarly article

 1. Introduction section

 2. Theory section; define your terms, also why one would use this critical lens; focalization

 3. Theory applied to Text 1: focalization applied to Samperio

 4. Theory applied to Text 2: focalization applied to Cervantes

 5. “Discussion” or comparison of the theoretical model within the two texts. Focalization compared between Samperio and Cervantes

Quick video interview of William S. Burroughs, stories about some Beat writers.

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